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healdsburg, santa rosa, eventually the napa valley showers moving northeast. look at the rain up to the north. that has to move through the bay area before we can sound the "all clear" and get back to sunshine. as for what's going to be happening next, there are more showers on the way because there is an upper area level of low pressure system off the oregon coastline heading toward us so showers increase tonight. this is good news for skiers because this will translate to snow in the mountains. only 3 to 5" of snow, but the snow level dropping to 3,000 feet and finally some fresh powder in the sierra tonight and tomorrow. roberta gonzales is reporting live today with the mobile weather lab talking about how much rain fell today and this big deficit. >> wondering about the bay area and how we stacked up as far as rainfall totals are concerned, here in the embarcadero we saw .1" of rain. pretty anemic. here's the other totals around the microclimate. st. helena with nearly .4." sausalito in the north .14." how do we stack up as far as precipit
50s outside. oakland 53. livermore 50. santa rosa warm at 56. concord 53. san jose 51. hello, sunshine. 39 days into the year, get this, 36 of those 39 days have been partly or mostly sunny. that is crazy for wintertime. guess what. the next seven are all going to be sunny. that means clear nights and still early february it's going to be cold tonight near freezing for concord, livermore, fremont, oakland 39. santa rosa you'll likely dip below freezing in napa and fairfield hitting freezing. the radar is clear. the low pressure system gave us showers last night and early this morning. that's now gone. let's follow the moisture. this low pressure area moved north to south now seeing some showers in deep southern california, los angeles, san diego getting showers even las vegas may get a few sprinkles from this but now it's all about dry air moving in on the eastern plains of a high pressure dome that simply will not move for the next 10 days. so it's off to the west by rule of nature, winds going clockwise around high pressure so it's going
cooler yesterday. livermore 57, san jose 57. that's that beautiful day outside. santa rosa 59. san francisco the cool spot at 52. another chilly night tonight but not a freeze. livermore you will drop down to 35. concord 36. san rafael 36. and santa rosa you will hit 35 degrees early tomorrow morning. the storm track is still well to our north. it's raining now in western washington. it's raining at the coast in oregon but nowhere close to us. all we have to worry about is a big dome of high pressure that will keep us dry for the next several days. with a northwest wind which we have had and will have through tomorrow, temperatures are limited if you will to the low to mid-60s. things will change on thursday and friday. the winds will turn more northeast, more of an offshore wind combined with sunshine and stronger area of high pressure many of you will hit 70 for the first time this year coming up on thursday but more likely friday. next week low pressure moves in showers by the end of the week. rest of the week dry. sunnyvale 64. palo alto 6
of a sea breeze keeping you cooler, san jose 58. santa rosa 65. now, it is still winter. i have video confirmation that it is still winter because all you have to do is go to texas for the second time in a week, more than a foot of snow fell in the panhandle of texas. so we're talking about getting to the 70s, they are just hoping to get back to 40 in and around amarillo. 19 inches of snow over the past few days. for us dry radar, high-def doppler radar showing dry conditions but with clear skies. it will be yet another chilly night 30s in fremont, concord and fairfield. napa 37. santa rosa 36. here's the setup in the atmosphere. another boundary moved through. a little cloud cover all the rainfall to the north. there's another storm moving in but it will also stay to the north. let's talk about wind direction to determine whether we see the 60s or the 70s. next couple of days, we still have a light onshore flow out of the northwest. rain stays north but we'll state in the 60s around average. now let's talk about thursday, friday and saturday. a
camera. a little breezy inland. enjoy the sunshine. concord oakland livermore all 66. santa rosa 67. you hit 70 today now right on the coastline and in the city of san francisco, we were much cooler today only 57 currently in downtown san francisco. as for what's going on around the region for tonight, it will be chilly but not as cold as the past couple nights. fremont, livermore, concord, san jose all in the low 40s. we are dry again. 58 days into the year, it has only rained five times. count them on one hand. here's the deal. we have rain in far northern california. but this high pressure dome is just strong enough to keep this moisture up to the north may get some cloud cover moving in overnight tonight but we'll be rain-free once again. as for what's going on moving forward, we'll have an offshore wind for everybody coming up on friday so forget the 50s in san francisco. you likely will hit 70 with everybody else. warmest day will be friday. then we begin to see a change especially by sunday. the onshore flow is back as a low pressure area o
tomorrow. and concord 66. and san ho jose shy of 70. 68 for walnut creek. 70 for santa rosa. sunshine in berkeley tomorrow with the high of 67 degrees. near 70 on friday. near 0 on saturday. cooler on sunday. cooler again on monday back down near 60 here we go, rain fall next tuesday and wednesday with scattered showers. beautiful day as we mentioned outside. thousands of folks chose to spend the day inside. we are live with the mobile weather to tell us why. >> reporter: what's going on in there? okay, just checking out the mobile weather. and let's come over. we are on the corner of autumn street in san jose. i have to tell you something, a moment ago it was 61 degrees. and now sporting 60. and since we have debuted the mobile wealth, that's the warmest temperature i have seen recorded yet. yes! finally some 60s. the pressure is high. and the wind speed is under 5 miles per hour. we are outside hp pavilion playing host to the sap tennis open. and that's why people are going from outside to inside to watch the best tennis players in the world
. santa rosa 62. 64 right now for oakland. concord you're at 61. san francisco you are at 60 with a sea breeze. and you're down to 54. speaking of down, temperatures dropping down once again tonight. couple of degrees milder than last night but still close to freezing. livermore will hit 34. fremont 35. san rafael 36. concord tonight 36 degrees. as you guessed, kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar is dry once again. it's really interesting to see the deficit through two different lenses. since the top of the year, big deficit for rainfall. we are down 5.5" but the deficit when you go back to july 1 our water year only an inch because we got so much rain around thanksgiving. we are not doing that bad for the entire year. past couple of months we're in significant deficit. big ridge of high pressure, how big? storm track up towards seattle vancouver british columbia nowhere close to us. nor is that going to be changing anytime soon. the high is off to the west as we'll still get cool northerly flow. temperatures in the low 60s. i know, such probl
. livermore and san francisco you're in the mid-60s. san jose 67. so nice in santa rosa. forget about the temperature. you will figure it out. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar still scanning the skies coming up dry once again. we are happen way through february. it has rained one time. tonight it's not going to rain. it will be chilly again. concord 48. oakland 45. mountain view 44. san jose 43 degrees. here's the setup in the atmosphere. if anything, high pressure is becoming stronger. notice the storm track being pushed even farther to the north places like seattle and portland and bellingham they are going to get some sunshine from this, as well. so obviously for us, we will still be under the influence of the high. as it moves closer to us we have been talking about this the past couple of days, the winds shifted. the breeze was offshore from the northeast so we had 70 and we'll be there tomorrow and saturday. then the winds change again. as high pressure begins the process of moving out, the flow of air will come from the cool pacific ocean, wh
francisco. san jose and santa rosa. oakland you hit 75 today. you're currently at 72. the cool spot it's chilly in livermore at 65 degrees. you hit the upper 60s. radar is clear. that's going to change, as well. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar will be showing some activity moving in monday evening. we have a holiday weekend coming up and it won't be that chilly overnight. 43 concord, 49 san francisco and napa 41. high pressure is in the perfect spot to at offshore wind for one more day. notice there is some moisture trying to head in our direction moving from west to east. look what's happening. it's hitting the wall and being shoved way up into canada. that's because of that protective dome of high pressure literally blocking moisture, fronts, storms, rainfall from making it to the bay area. but the process of cooling us down begins on sunday. tomorrow another day right around 70 degrees. very mild outside. then high pressure begins to slide down to the south and that same dome of high pressure will give us an onshore flow. mid-60s on sunday. upper
. san rafael 36. and santa rosa 32. so a rapid return to winter most of the moisture now pushed down to our south and east a couple more showers possible this evening but the bulk of the activity is now moving out. so you may be wondering what's next? front's gone no rainfall tomorrow but the chill is going to stay because our source of air is still coming down from the north and it's going to stay that way through saturday. it will be chilly at night, brisk in the afternoon with a little bit of a breeze and temperatures will be below normal for the next four or five days. so showers done, we'll have cool mornings, the afternoons chilly and breezy through the weekend. how about it mid-february. concord 57. santa clara 56. san mateo tomorrow only 55. even with some sunshine, looking at 57 for san ramon richard 58 and the upper 50s for mill valley, daly city, south san francisco and in downtown. a couple of degrees milder and less wind on thursday and friday. here comes another front much weaker showers on saturday and next week we'll be back to the
san francisco. good afternoon to you in oakland. you're at 60. tied with santa rosa concord 58. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar is crystal clear. anything but for other parts of the country. take a listen. [ thundersnow ] that's thundersnow. wichita, kansas. they have such unstable air and cold air that it is snowing in the middle of a thunderstorm. a rare occurrence but it's going on in other parts of the country. for us mid-30s. fairfield 35, concord 37, san rafael tomorrow 37. low 40s for san francisco, oakland and san jose. let's talk about what's going on because this is quite an interesting setup in the atmosphere. high pressure is off to the west. once again, blocking all the systems. this time they are really close. we are going to see heavy rainfall north of the california oregon border but it's close but not here. take a look at these rainfall totals that you're going to see. 0 for us. all of the rain stays to the north. we likely will stay dry for another week which is the rest of february. and may not see our next rainfall u
and danville and pleasanton. mainly sunny skies for mill valley, 62 for you. santa rosa 65 and daly city and south city coming in right around 60 degrees. milder on thursday and -- mild isn't good enough for 70s. warmer on friday. right around 70 on saturday. then we'll cool off a bit to the mid-60s. and there is a slight chance of a shower next tuesday. this is a dry pattern and this is not changing. >> we're in it. >> we are smack-dab in the middle of it >> thank you. we'll be right back. billion dollar budget cuts. as c-b-s reporter danielle nottingham shows us... if lawmakers don't reach a deal by friday, you could be paying the price. ((roll pkg)) p >>> president obama hit the trail to discuss the automatic spending cuts. >> reporter: president obama warned workers at virginia's newport news shipyard they may have to stay home without pay if congress doesn't step in to stop automatic spending cuts. >> this work along with hundreds of thousands of jobs are currently in jeopardy because of politics in washington. >> reporter: the cuts set to kick in
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12